S.No Name of the Employee Qualification Designation
1. Sr. Jyothi Suneetha Kumari M.Sc., B.Ed., Principal
2. Mrs. Saritha  B. B.Sc., B.Ed PRT
3. Mr. Ramalingeswara Rao J. B.A.B. P.Ed PET
4. Mrs. Usha Rani M M.A., H.P.T TGT
5. Mr. Khadar shariff B.A, DPA, COMP
6. Mr. Sk. Abdul Rehman. M.Sc. B.Ed., PGT
7. Mr. M. Vishnu  B.A., TPT., TGT
8 Mrs. Sandhya Rani N. B.A., B.Ed., PRT
9 Mr. Madan Babu P. B.A., B.Ed., TGT
10 Mr. Venkateswarlu  V. M.Sc., B.Ed., PGT
11 Mrs.Roja     N. B.Sc., B.Ed., PRT
12 Mrs. Shahnaaz Begum B.A., B.Ed., PRT
13 Mrs.Viveka Lakshmi.A B.A., D.Ed., PRT
14 Mr. Murali Krishna P. M.A. TPT, TGT
15 Sr.Mariya Rani D. B. Lisc LB
16 Mr. Rajkumar B.A B.P.Ed PET
17 Mrs. Arjuman Bhanu Montesseri Trainer PPT
18 Mr. K. Ravi Special Educator TGT
19 Mrs. Padmavathi Ch. B.A., Montesseri Trainer PPT
20 Mrs. Rani Prameela R. M.Sc., Montesseri Trainer PPT


JMJ Global School, Tenali, is one of the organizations of the Society of J.M.J.(Jesus Mary Joseph),which was started in Holland in 1822 by by Rev.Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J., with the aim of promoting education. The Society extended its services to Indonesia, India, Rome, Australia, Africa and America.


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